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Foshan Borui Building Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shiwan, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Jiayi Ceramics is a brand of Foshan Borui Building Material Co., Ltd. It is a modern ceramics company with high-quality service, independent development of new products and international innovation concept.

Foshan Borui Building Material Co., Ltd. upholds the business philosophy of "good quality, honesty first" to ensure the excellent quality of its brand "Jiayi" ceramics. Our company specializes in the development of antique tiles, which are best sold in China and around the world for their new colors and cost-effective.

1. Our company is a real Foshan ceramic tile manufacturer. It mainly produces antique tiles, marble tiles, pure-color tiles, wood-grain tiles, all-body tiles and metal glazes.

2, our company supplies a wide range of ceramic tile products. Welcome customers in need to come to consult, custom samples, large quantity favorably!

3, our company provides engineering, wholesale, joining Jiayi ceramics and other services. Welcome to contact us anytime!

Fortune hotline: 0757-82722201 13318315189

Official website:

  • 产品产地:Foshan, Guangdong
  • 产品类型:Glazed tile
  • 产品规格:600mm*600mm
  • 资讯热线:13318315189
  • 官方网站
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