Sano technology redundant seal waterproof technology conference held in Shenzhen

Sano technology redundant seal waterproof technology conference held in Shenzhen

Shenzhen News Network News (Reporter He Ying-2) March 28, by Shenzhen Qianhai Buyi Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cattle Business Investment"), Zhengzhou Sano Group co-sponsored the "Sano Technology Redundant Sealing Waterproof Technology Conference" in-depth. Leaders, experts and representatives of waterproofing enterprises from China Building Waterproofing Association, China Building Industry Association Building Waterproofing Branch, National Bull Merchants Association and other branches participated in the conference.

At the press conference, Zhang Hong, chairman of the board of directors of Cattle Merchants Investment, said that Sano Technology Redundant Sealing and Waterproofing Technology was the first key investment project for cattle merchants in 2018. The company will integrate multi-resources, further improve Sano Technology's production layout, expand production scale and increase R&D efforts. At the same time, it hopes to make use of this conference. To find more like-minded partners, Mr. Shi Junhai, Foshan Jiayi Ceramics, as an investment partner, was invited to participate in this grand meeting to share and witness the development achievements of Sano Science and Technology.

Subsequently, the "Building Waterproofing Industry Analysis Report" was released on the spot to analyze the development status, competition trend and market opportunities of the building waterproofing industry. It is pointed out that the waterproofing market in China is changing with each passing day. It has extended and expanded from traditional building waterproofing to more and more fields such as highway, high-speed railway, subway, airport, wharf and nuclear power. Building waterproofing has become an indispensable part of various construction projects.

According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the output value of waterproofing industry accounts for 1% to 2% of the total construction output value. In 2016, 560 waterproofing enterprises with a scale of more than 20 million yuan (the main business income is more than 20 million yuan) generated a revenue of 98.8 billion yuan, and the construction waterproofing market is promising. In addition, the experts also interpreted the redundant sealing waterproofing technology of Sano building materials for the guests present. They believed that this highly reliable sealing and bonding waterproofing technology could thoroughly solve the internal and external waterproofing problems of concrete and brick wall structures, and was a revolutionary contribution to the waterproofing cause.

It is reported that "Redundant Sealing Technology Theory" has been published by many academic publications and Standard Publishing houses. With the defense concept of construction in harsh environment, Sano Science and Technology has successfully developed a new generation of mixed waterproofing materials which can be similar to concrete. This material is based on cement and introduces a variety of active factors. It uses a unique formula to make it have strong cohesion, strong impermeability, rigidity and flexibility and other multi-functional mixing. It realizes a single construction, multi-layer protection, simplifies the construction difficulty, and greatly improves the reliability of the system. With the further acceleration of urbanization in the future, the increasing demand for waterproofing materials will greatly promote the development of waterproofing industry. The development of "sponge city", "roof farm" and "green city" will also bring tremendous business opportunities for the waterproofing industry.

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