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Master of Guizhou:

"Guanyin Pavilion Lotus Floor Bricks, with the devout support and vigorous facilitation of the Buddhist guardians all over the country, went to the manufacturer personally by Yuanhe Guanyin Pavilion friends and Wish Master Guang. After many investigations and careful comparisons by the disciples who were converted by Yuanhe, Jiayi Ceramic Floor Bricks were finally found. General Chen received them warmly and the company team carefully designed them for Guanyin Pavilion. The hall has specially designed several schemes. After carefully screening, careful consideration and selection, Master Yuanhe and Wisdom Wish to make this merit a success at last! uuuuuuuuu

(above is a special cloud brick solution for Guanyin Pavilion).

   Jiayi Ceramics, as a ceramic tile manufacturer in Foshan, has rich experience in Temple engineering because of its mature production system of temple bricks. In addition to providing customers with various supporting products, it can also provide construction programs to customers of temple projects, and help customers solve various construction problems.

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